During this digital era, it has become a demand for educator to develop an Educational Video And Remote Learning Media.


But, many teachers have difficulty making students enthusiastic about learning.

Sometimes, we feel that we have taught the material well.


But, when we evaluate the students, their exam results show below standardized grades.


We start using different methods of teaching effectively.


However, student motivation for studying still does not change.


Students find it difficult to focus due to the many social media distractions accumulated in their smartphones.


We feel that the time and energy we used to transfer knowledge is inefficient because students misunderstood what we are teaching.


We have all experienced that …


Students are more interested in learning with interactive Audio Visual methods.


Therefore, I have made an innovation in teaching technology needed by educators throughout the world.


Hi, I am Ridho Pratama. I work as an University lecturer by profession, so I felt it for myself as an educator.


This problem inspired me to make this learning innovation. It is a step to advance us as teachers and lecturers in our teaching activities.


I am introducing the Educational Video and Interactive E-module 4.0 Course.


It is an interactive learning method that can significantly increase students’ understanding in a short time!

“great course im joel abalos i buy already your course thank you i learn a lot in your courses!, Im very happy that i purchase your course! Your skills put on the course was very amazing, your module is easy to learn and user friendly so that’s why i get the lectures very fast. You a great teacher! “

 ==Joel Abalos (Consultant) ==

“I have studied all the e-modules, sir! this is really cool in my opinion Very detailed explanation starting from the app used, making the cover video and the quiz, thanks so much”

==Quadri Hassul (Teacher) ==

“Praise to God, for today’s extraordinary knowledge from Mr. Ridho. Many things are learned and presented in an easy applicable way. If I take this workshop outside the city, I don’t imagine how much money I have to prepare to learn the 10 software. Thank you again sir. God willing, everything that was learned can make me more confident as a lecturer for millennial students”

==Aya Nurdin (Senior University Lecturer) ==

What Benefit You Could Get By Joining This Course

  1. Help Teacher more mobile by teaching anywhere and anytime!
  2. Sell Your Online Course With E-module!
  3. Open your Educational Video Creation Service!
  4. Create Your Digital School!
  5. Create Automatic Quiz that help save a lot of time!
  6. Winning grant in education Video Competition In Your Country!
  7. Became YouTuber!
  8. Create your original copyrighted Video

Bagaimana cara gabung workshop ini?

Saat ini workshop pembuatan aneka video pembelajaran terbuka untuk institusi yang tertarik mengundang tim kami secara lansung untuk memberikan pelatihan ini ke institusi Anda dan membimbing setiap pengajar hingga mahir. Sehingga Institusi Anda siap membuat video pembelajaran berkualitas dan profesional!!

Penanggung Jawab Sistem

Ridho Pratama S.Si M.Si adalah seorang dosen yang memiliki passion dalam E-learning. Beliau aktif mengembangkan pembelajaran digital untuk keperluan sekolah, kampus, dan Institusi Pendidikan di Seluruh Indonesia.